O-MEE x ScottyBeam: Partnership Announcement

We partnered with Scotty Beam!

Scotty Beam allows cross-chain NFTs –

They’re the first cross-chain, decentralized NFT teleporter application supporting many NFT-compatible networks.

Through this technology, Scotty Beam helps people and projects move NFTs across chains, planets, and universes; cutting through complexity and maximizing value and fun.

Their brand is impersonated by character Scotty Montgomery Beam, a hamster with Scottish heritage

“My name is Scotty Montgomery Beam, but you can just call me Scotty. My mission on this weird planet? Oh, it’s very simple…

To beam tokens across blockchains of all sizes. What means ‘to beam’? It means teleporting your non-fungible tokens from one blockchain (for example, Ethereum) to another one (for example, Binance Smart Chain). I support more networks, more about that in a few seconds. My technology is used to move hundreds of NFTs every week among Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom and Solana blockchains.”

Scotty has lots of different personalities, depending on the copywriter tasked with his life support. And between galaxies and adventure, these are his ambitions:

To Boldly Go Where No Hamster Has Gone Before, all caps. Scotty could really spin the wheels and pose for animal crackers, but he felt like his purpose in life was to make a change for the better.

He has worked over an idea of a cross-chain space docking station, a harbor for all tokens across all blockchains, a safe haven that every token passes through to migrate from one blockchain to another. Now it’s operating on a decent enough level to show to newly minted online friends.

Scotty wanted to see the world outside the aquarium, see the whole galaxy. Like go to the Moon, cliche stuff like that. Also holds massive bags in his cheeks to wine and dine at full moon.’

And for our part, we’re so excited to have them onboard — they’ll support us sending tokens cross-chain, and having cross-chain nft galleries.

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