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O-MEE allows creators to upload their latest pictures and videos, live stream to their followers or blog their latest moves. Users are able to connect their social media accounts to transfer their latest posts and media content.API connector allows users to republish and mint content onto their O-MEE profile and is displayed for their followers to like, interact and share. In addition, users have the option to create and mint new content allowing them to add more exclusive posts for their subscribed followers. All content on the platform as the option to be minted as an NFT giving users the option to sell it on our NFT marketplace.


NFT Marketplace

Bid, buy, sell, auction, discover and collect exclusive NFTs and digital items.

Social Media

Interact, engage, message, like, share and promote within the O-MEE community

Subscribe to your Favourite Creators

Gain unlimited access to exclusive content


Users own 100% of their content - no middlemen, no third party fees and no censorship.

0% Subscription Fees

Attention exclusive content creators.. We will not charge you any fees on the revenue YOU have generated. Its all yours...


 Yield farming and staking programmes allow $OME token holders to generate rewards

Monetise your Social Media Content

Monetize your exclusive content through flexible subscription pricing,

Connect via Social Media Account

Users are able to connect their social media accounts to transfer their latest posts and media content.

Multiple streams of revenue

Earn $$$ through multiple streams of revenue.

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Token Distribution %

The $OME Token

  • TOKEN SUPPLY: 800,000,000
  • INITIAL MARKETCAP: $1,940,000


Q4 2021
Phase 1
  • Private Sale
  • UX/UI
  • DevOps Infrastructure & Development
  • Marketing
  • Strategy Tier 1
  • Multi-IDO Launch
H1 2022
Phase 2
  • Content & NFT
  • Platform Beta Version
  • Smart Contract
  • System Architecture
  • Subscription Plan & Payment System
  • Design Platform
  • Launch Reward, Referral, Membership and Programme schemes
H2 2022
Phase 3
  • Contract System Audit
  • DeFi Integration
  • Multi-Chain Support
  • Multi-Currency Payments
Future Plans
  • Voting and Governance
  • Features
  • IOS & Android App Launch