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The first social subscription
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Stop giving away art for hearts and likes. It’s time to reinvent.

Legacy social media has created a homogenous space where creators are struggling to create meaningful value from their work.

We’re giving you your independence and equity back. So you can experiment, compose and innovate. Connect with your fans. And subscribe to your favourite creators’ journey.

We call it O-MEE

We call it O-MEE

NFT Marketplace

Explore, Discover, Mint, Bid, Buy, Sell + Earn Royalties & Commission.


Follow and access your favourite content creators page.


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Our Team

The Timeline

Q4 2021

  • Private Sale
  • UX/UI
  • DevOps Infrastructure & Development
  • Marketing
  • Strategy Tier 1
  • Smart Contract Audit

H1 2022

  • Multi-IDO Launch
  • Platform Beta Version
  • System Architecture
  • Design Platform
  • Defi Intergration

H2 2022

  • Contract System Audit
  • Bridging
  • Multi-Chain NFT Support
  • Multi-Currency Payments

Future Plans

  • Voting and Governance
  • Features
  • IOS & Android App Launch
  • Subscription Plan & Payment System

Powering an experimental new world with $OME

Within the O-MEE ecosystem, the $OME token is designed to be the fundamental utility token with applications that benefit the O-MEE network and user adoption. Our native token OME is the fundamental backbone and plays an indispensable role in our business model.